Action against COVID-19


Greek government website for covid infection

We want to inform you that we have taken all the necessary measures in order to comply with the content of the ‘Health Protocol’ for the operation of tourist accommodation.
1. Our hotel has received a certification mark, entitled ‘Health First’, which is mandatory for the operation of tourist accommodation and proves that our establishment complies with the Health Protocol. The certification mark has been posted at the entrance.
2. Our staff has attended educational programs on the health protocols of tourism businesses and has been certified.
3. Coordinator and responsible for the implementation of the action plan is Ms. Aikaterini Levaki tel: 6978630124, email:

3 / Collaborating Medical Care Unit: Vittoraraki Polyclinic, Platanias
Tel: 28210 60606
Mobile 1: 6932566606
Mobile 2: 6983302375

4 / Nearest Pharmacy in Stalos: Mavridis Paraskevas tel: 28210 84485

5 / Extension of Check out until 11 a.m. and check in from 3pm.
6 / Prohibition of entering the rooms to non-residents.
7 / Key cards and keys are disinfected
8 / A cleaning and disinfection program is observed in accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Health
9 / The area between the living rooms is cleaned and ventilated
10 / A file of events of the residents and the visitors is kept for reasons of protection of public health.
11 / In case of illness, all the medical fees, examination and treatment are covered by the client.
-please operate your air conditioners as :
good natural ventilation in the rooms and in
other spaces (system shutdown no
air conditioning operation when the doors are open).
– keep the distance between each other at > 1.5m
– take care for ventilation of your rooms
– wear your masks when required
– take care for the hygiene of your hands
– inform us in case of fever or other symptoms of illness


Download all required files for your accommodation: